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As the new editor-in-chief for LA Chronicle, Traci Johnson is determined to change the California paper’s narrative. She’s tired of writing about police brutality, gang violence and drugs, and wants to focus on positive African-American stories. But when rapper Tupac Shakur gets shot it is breaking news that must be reported, even though the incident epitomizes the type of topic she’s trying not to cover.

Marcus Moore is a product of South Central Los Angeles. He could have easily been one of its statistics but he avoids prison and becomes a private investigator. Now he’s in Las Vegas looking into who shot Tupac, a man he knows and loves. Meeting sexy journalist Traci Johnson is a tempting distraction, but her assumptions based on his appearance and the culture he embraces are a huge turn-off.

Tupac dies, and Marcus surprisingly finds comfort in Traci’s arms. Will what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas, or can the two get past stark societal differences and turn one night’s passion into a lifetime of love?

Note:  Thug Love is a part of the groundbreaking romance series, Decades: A Journey of African-American romance. In this 12-book series, each love story is set within a decade from 1900 through 2012. Thug Love recaptures the 90s. Watch the promotional video that introduced the series on the series' Facebook page. Click the join button to like that page and join this awesome community!

Upcoming Releases

DayDreamers...get ready! Zuri's last novel under the Harlequin Kimani imprint is a labor of love that mixes one of her favorite pasttimes, cooking, with one of her favorite cities, New Orleans!

Can this celebrity chef keep his past hidden? Not with a beautiful society reporter uncovering his secret desires.


Pierre LeBlanc is a triple threat: celebrate chef, food network star and owner of the Big Easy's hottest restaurant. Journalist Rosalyn Arnaud sees only a spoiled playboy not worthy of front page news. Their sizzling attraction tells another story. But when she uncovers his secret, their love affair could end in shattering betrayal...


Zuri's last Kimani novel...and one of her best!

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