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One Love DayDreamer! Thanks for coming over. You dropped by just in time  for me to share some exciting news! SIN CITY SEDUCTION, the third book in the Sin City Secrets Series is here! Hopefully by now you've met Christian and Adam. Now it's time for the twins to tell their stories. Noah's up first. Whether you're keeping your distance, cuddling with loved ones, working from home or venturing out into your city or town, I hope that you stay calm, stay safe, and know that this too shall pass. Turn off the news and open one of my novels. You'll get lost in the pages and feel better, guaranteed! In the meantime keep loving. Keep dreaming. Keep reading!

In SIN CITY SECRETS, Zuri's sizzling series created for Harlequin Desire, billionnaire brothers Christian, Adam, Noah and Nick are living the good life and want you along for the ride......

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