A Few Zuri Stats:

Birthplace:  Ocho Rios, Jamaica (by way of a phone call. Yeah. Raises questions. I know...)

Current Residence:  Jamaica/Southern NV

Astrological Sign:  Libra

Favorite Color:  Iridescent  - I know that's actually many colors but iridescent is IRIE!!!

Favorite Scent(s):  Jasmine & Ylang Ylang

Favorite Outfit: Wide-legged jumpsuits

Favorite Accessories: Big earrings and sunglasses (duh! :) )

Favorite Foods:  Plaintains, Veggie Patties & Callaloo  Rundung  (Me no Rasta, buh me pudna meat in 'de belly). 

Favorite Time of Year: Summer (Hot! Yeah, mon!)

​Favorite TV Show(s): Empire (Check out her 60-second "Zuri Zip" recap below), Unsung & Super Soul Sunday

Favorite Musician:  Bob Marley (Of course.)

​Favorite Fairy Tale: Cinderella (no surprise there, huh?)

Favorite Fantasy Movie: The Wizard of OZ

Favorite City/Places To Visit: Ocho Rios, New York, Palos Verdes, CA, Barcelona, Aruba, Costa Rica (travel is

 one of my passions so these are just a few!)

Favorite Romance Author: Brenda Jackson

I love my beautiful, voracious reading, romance loving DayDreamers! You help me  live a life that is totally irie!!! This popular Jamaican patois word is often translated to mean 'alright.' It means that and so much more: excellent, happy, cool, good. It is the state of being at peace, in harmony with yourself, your situation, those around you and the world. Hey, life is short. What better way to live? That's why it's my favorite word. Because if one stays centered in irie, one's life is sure to be okay!

While my persona may suggest otherwise, I'm a down-to-earth small town girl who loves to mix and mingle with people from all over the world - especially readers! I rock the funky clothes, clunky jewelry and unique shades because it nurtures the inner goddess that exists within all of us. It makes me feel...say it with me...irie! LOL!  Plus dressing up is much easier than being carried on a jewel-encrusted litter by a group of thong-wearing, buff, sexy warriors, while being fed grapes and fanned with a palm! But hey. Wouldn't that be a cool giveaway prize to one lucky reader? Hmm...

I hope you'll you'll join me on social media, and become a DayDreamer by signing up for the monthly newsletter! There are a multitude of dreamers just waiting for YOU!

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